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    Digital Marketing and IT Apprenticeships in Birmingham

    Are you seeking IT or digital marketing apprentices with a unique blend of technical proficiency and leadership skills? Looking for individuals who can problem solve, communicate as well as bring their fresh digital skills to the table?

    Althaus Digital can help. We’re a leading apprenticeships provider for Birmingham, connecting the right talent with the right companies.

    It’s Never Been So Easy to Hire Digital Talent

    We scout and develop well-rounded and highly skilled individuals all year long, supporting them to unlock their potential and add significant value to your organisation. We match them with suitable employers across the region, equipping them with the tools to develop from digital learners to leaders and thrive within a nurturing learning environment.

    A Potent Mix of Skills

    Whether you want to upskill your existing workforce in a real and measurable way or introduce fresh junior digital talent, we’re committed to delivering exceptional learning experiences that are tailored to your digital training needs.

    Our programme offering includes IT apprenticeships, digital marketing apprenticeships and cyber apprenticeships. Each one is delivered as a combination of self-directed and collaborative learning, supported by a wealth of rich, online content.

    Unleashing the Digital Leaders of Tomorrow

    So, whether you’re searching for a new digital apprentice to bring value through talent and fresh thinking from the very start, or you’re looking to upskill and retain a valuable member of your existing team, the answer is simple: get in touch with althaus. We make it simple to learn digital and lead digital.

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    althaus are a high quality provider of digital and I.T. apprenticeship training courses, scouting the best talent for employers and supporting learners to develop the cutting-edge technical proficiency and leadership skills they need to make a real impact. 

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    Perfect courses for learning about different avenues within digital media, marketing and security! Incredibly professional and friendly from day 1 of the course, the team are always on hand to help with the on-demand courses along with live taught sessions which are very informative, inclusive and of high quality. I managed to bag myself a job within a related field before completing the course, however I can't recommend Althaus enough! If you're seriously interested in improving some of your digital skills, give these folks a shot.

    - Conor

    Did a Digital Skills Bootcamp with Althaus and learned so much that I've been able to apply in my job and personal work. Excellent leaders who are extremely professional and friendly. Would definitely recommend to others!

    - liv

    An excellent company to help get you through your apprenticeship. Very helpful staff that teach you in a way you can understand and guide you throughout. They always take the time to listen to you. 100% recommend

    - Alex Cramp

    The digital bootcamp course was well structured with a great tutor. I've really enjoyed my experience and have learned a lot in the 8 weeks.

    - alexa W

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