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Here at althaus, we’re more than just an alternative apprenticeships provider. We’re on a mission to unleash the digital leaders of tomorrow.

The Right Talent for the Right Organisation

Put simply, we make sure employers across Leicester have access to the best digital talent. We strive to attract and introduce the best digital talent to our employer-partners that addresses their digital skills gap and supports them in achieving their business goals; at the same time, giving our learners the opportunity to unlock their full potential.

Althaus apprentices are equipped with a range of sought-after skills that are relevant to any modern business seeking a digital-first approach. They include problem solving, technical proficiency, effective communication, emotional intelligence and leadership skills; all part of developing our future digital leaders who bring value from the very start of their programme.

Unlocking Potential, Enhancing Futures

Our expert curriculum and delivery teams have developed a finely-tuned blend of industry-leading learning tools and resources. These combine one-to-one mentoring, live face-to-face sessions, self-directed and collaborative learning, as well as a wealth of on-demand content; all designed to support our apprentices in realising their full potential and our employers to future-proof their digital capability.

Our programme offering includes:

Strengthen Your Skills, Strengthen Your Business

Whether you’re a candidate who wants to take full ownership of your future career, or an employer looking for the latest digital skills, we can help. Getting the right talent has never been more simple - speak to us today.

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althaus are a high quality provider of digital and I.T. apprenticeship training courses, scouting the best talent for employers and supporting learners to develop the cutting-edge technical proficiency and leadership skills they need to make a real impact. 

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