How to choose the right apprenticeship provider

Considering your options? Apprenticeships have increased in popularity year-on-year, thanks to the pull of on-the-job training and real-life work experience. 

That said, you need to find an apprenticeship provider who will give you all the support and skills development you require to drive your career forward. 

And if you’re an employer, you’ll be looking for an apprenticeship provider who will source you the best talent to enhance your workplace and workforce development strategy. 

So let’s take a closer look at what makes a great apprenticeship provider. 

Tailored teaching

Everyone learns a little differently. That’s why you need a training provider who can adapt their style to suit each person. Here at althaus, we create individualised learning plans for every apprentice. This means that you will be able to train in a way that works best for you, which not only benefits your learning progress but also your employer through the additional value you bring to the workplace.

 Up-to-date knowledge

Cyber security, digital marketing and IT solutions all have something in common - they’re fast-paced industries that are changing rapidly, all the time. It’s therefore not enough to teach candidates static skills that aren’t in tune with these changing sectors. 

So, you need a provider who can keep up with the most-up-date knowledge and advances in your chosen sector, not to mention one who can impart this knowledge on you in an impactful way. Employers will also benefit from apprentices who have a strong understanding and awareness of their particular industry as it’s developing in real time, and can reflect this knowledge/expertise in the work that they produce. 

A blend of learning methods

We’re more likely to retain information when it’s delivered in a variety of different ways. So, instead of just endless lessons, pick a training provider who gives their apprentices meaningful variety and autonomy on their learning journey. 

Here at althaus, we deliver a blend of face-to-face learning, on-demand online content, self-directed learning and live webinars to appeal to a wide range of learners and enhance their learning experience with us. 

Expert instructors

This one should be obvious. Make sure that your apprenticeship provider has instructors who actually know their field inside out. For example, our coaches and mentors are all seasoned professionals in their fields of expertise, enabling them to deliver relevant industry skills and knowledge, while inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. 

Make sure they’re giving that little bit extra

It’s all well and good to deliver the core curriculum as a minimum - but to narrow down your selection to only high-quality training providers, ask yourself, what else are they bringing to the table? 

As well as tailored apprenticeships in the IT & digital sectors, althaus delivers high-demand leadership skills to support learners’ development, not only in terms of their technical knowledge, but also problem-solving, effective communication and emotional intelligence. That’s what sets us apart - we don’t just train our apprentices for an exam; we develop them to become the digital leaders of tomorrow. 

Here at althaus, we match the right talent with the right employers. We’re a leading apprenticeship provider in digital marketing, cybersecurity and IT solutions, with our high-quality apprenticeship programmes supporting our learners to make a big impact for their employers. And as an employer, you’re able to benefit from a talented pool of learners who are developing the most up-to-the-minute skills that will enable them to make a real impact in your business. 

Find out more about our apprenticeships - let’s get your journey started. 

The course I've done in Digital Marketing was incredible. Although, I have a degree in Marketing , the course present in depth practical knowledge. Big thank you to the team!

- Emanuela Spiridon

Guys have been well organized in all interaction and we have selected for remote learning digital apprenticeships. Recommend.

- Nick Morton

The journey of learning Digital Marketing from Althaus has been amazing for me, as it gave me a much needed knowledge. Great content and great course tutors.

- Fozia Khan

I did a Networking and Cyber Security Bootcamp with Althaus Digital for 12 weeks and it was amazing! Adam is a brilliant instructor, the sessions were informative and engaging, hopefully I'll be able to get a job in I.T. soon😁. And I am not exaggerating when I say the whole team at Althaus are super professional and friendly :).

- Chandni M

The bootcamp is the best, with a great knowledgeable tutors to train. brilliant people at Althaus, so helpful and always there to support you. defooo will recommended it.

- K9psx

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